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Classroom for Deaf/ HH learners.- Math & Reading

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Service Description

Each class is for 30 minutes and comprises of a small group of no more than 5 students. We will begin with the days of the week, months of the year, and daily calendar time! We will practice our writing skills daily! This ongoing class will cover EVERYTHING your learner needs to know before Kindergarten! Learners can join this class any week! Although we will highlight two numbers and two letters per week in this class, a sign of the week, we also review other letters, visual phonics, numbers, and math skills each week! Your learner can stay enrolled in this class all year! You will also get access to our weekly PDF with a TON of worksheets, and activities, access to our children’s ASL Library for read-aloud stories, educational videos, and more to extend our in-class learning! Our lessons will be accented by weekly themes. ▪️Colors ▪️Shapes (2D/3D) ▪️Number sense ▪️Spotlighted mathematical concepts (patterns, sorting, same/different, addition, subtraction, etc.) ▪️Sign Language ▪️ Writing the number of the day ▪️Observing, classifying, comparing, predicting Here is a breakdown of class each day Each class will begin with: ➡️ Hello Song/Greetings ➡️ Days of the Week ➡️ Months of the Year ➡️ Calendar Time ✏️ Monday/Wednesday (Reading Days)- Learn and practice our letter of the day, practice visual phonics/reading words writing practice, sight word and ASL sign of the day, and an interactive game. ✏️ Tuesday/Thursday (Math Days)- Learn our number of the day, practice counting, tracing, shapes, simple addition and subtraction, and interactive "get up and move" brain break for learners. ✏️ Friday (Sharing/Social Day)- Share assigned handouts/objects for the week with the class, review letters, signs, and, numbers of the week, practice letters, and simple math, and end class with or interactive "brain break" for learners. I will incorporate songs and movement whenever possible to allow each learner to get their wiggles out! I also encourage social interactions in my classes and will gently encourage students to participate in our daily "Brain Break" times where students can share their answers to our discussion questions or answers to our "Search & Find" activities! Throughout our ongoing class, students will learn ALL of the standards taught in preschool (Pre-K).

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